Shalom! You are all welcome to the Seventh-day Adventist church – Rwenzori Field. This is a Christian site which is built upon the mission of preaching the gospel to all people basing on Revelation 14:6-11. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us on this site. We embrace the bible truth, spirit of prophecy and health messages based on God’s true word. We prepare people to continually grow heaven wards as they wait for the return of Christ. Grace and peace be upon you!

Rwenzori Field of the seventh-day Adventists covers the inhabited East and North facing slopes of Mountain Rwenzori mounts. The mountain which stands at 5101 metres above sea level and snow capped throughout the year despite being crossed by the equator. The lake region of Albert, Edward and George, within Ugandan borders, are part of Rwenzori Field.
The neighbour entities include; South Western Uganda Field, Western Uganda Field and Mid Western Uganda Mission within Uganda. The main inhabitants are the Bakonzo or Bayira, Bamba, Batuku, Basongora, and Batoro.