Kasese Better-Living Centre - A Centre of Influence

Kasese Better Living Centre is a Multi-purpose complex building located along Rwenzori and Kilembe Road in the heart of Kasese Municipality.

Its Construction was undertaken by Rwenzori Field in her efforts to embrace the idea of image change and the desire to cause an Influence among the people of the Rwenzori region.

This Construction project is estimated to Cost over Six billion Uganda Shillings. Once completed the Centre will be devoted to its desired services that include:

  • A media Centre-Housing the AWR 102.9 Light FM that is already operational
  • A Music Recording Studio that is already in place
  • Providing Guest Rooms to travelers into the region
  • A multi-purpose Hall for Conference
  • A health Education and Health Fitness Centre
  • Housing Rwenzori Field Administrative Offices
  • A place of worship
  • A place for Guidance and Counselling Services to Couples, the Youth and the Stressed.
  • An Adventist Book Centre for Ellen G.White Books
  • A Restaurant
  • A Garden for weddings, Leisure and relaxation